Patrick Donahue

               Patrick Donahue                   ProtectRite #R692-6264
               Los Gatos, CA 95030
               (408) 806-2129

               FADE IN:

               EXT. BUSHES - NIGHT

               Two PUNKS, one white, with a tattoo of a SNAKE on the side of
               his neck.  The other ... Mexican.

               They beat and rob a WOMAN, 30s.

               They laugh and run off; leaving her bloodied body hid in the

               EXT. SAN FRANCISCO - STREET - DAY

               The fabulous Golden Gate Bridge off in a distance as

               ALBERT, white, 70, wears an assortment of unmatched clothes.

               MR. HAMILTON, African-American, 60, white shirt, tie, sports
               jacket with a laborious cough, pulls his shopping cart loaded
               with aluminum cans.

               JOEY, white, 55, wears a black trench coat.

               All need haircuts, a shave and clean clothes.

               They share a bottle of wine, hidden in a brown paper bag.

               Albert walks off unnoticed as Mr. Hamilton digs in a garbage

                                   MR. HAMILTON
                         You know what's wrong with the
                         world today?

                         People, yes sir, too goddamn many
                         people like him.

               Joey points to the street.

                                   MR. HAMILTON
                         No, no. We's needs people, no
                         people no cans...

               Mr. Hamilton sees Albert standing in the


               Cars swerve as Mr. Hamilton hobbles toward Albert.

                         I hope Al Baby's insured.

               Mr. Hamilton gently pulls Albert from the street.

                                   MR. HAMILTON
                         This is a fool thing to be doing

                         Have you seen my car?

                         You see, that's my point.  Do we
                         really need people like him?

                                   MR. HAMILTON
                         We'll soon find your car, Albert.

                         I believe I may have parked it over
                         there ... maybe, I just don't know.

                         You're wasting your time looking
                         for that stupid red car?

                         It is a beautiful red, isn't it?

               ON THE SIDEWALK

               The same two Punks.

               The one with the tattoo grabs Mr. Hamilton's cart and runs
               with it.

               Mr. Hamilton runs after them, his cough intensifies, causing
               him to spit blood.  He drops to his knees out of breath.

               Joey tackles one of the punks.

               A car hits the cart and cans explode.

               Joey wrestles the white Punk to the ground then gets kicked
               in the face by the other one.

               The white Punk jumps up and kicks Joey in the stomach.  The
               other kicks him in the face again.

               Joey blocks the next kick and springs up with Martial Arts
               moves and beats them to a pulp.

               One lay on the ground, the other is pinned to a tree.

               Joey pulls his hand back to chop him across the throat.


               Rain and thunder light up the sky.

               A much younger, clean-shaven JOEY beats BOBBY, a biker dude
               in a Martial Arts fight.

               Bobby lies in a puddle of muddy water.

               DEBRA gets up in the background, grabs and slaps Joey.

                         What the hell you doing with this
                         guy? You're my wife!

               Debra looks past Joey to Bobby.

               Joey turns side ways just as Bobby throws a spear-like pipe
               and hits Debra in the chest.

               Joey catches her as she falls.


               Joey dives at Bobby.

               Joey hits Bobby a few times then delivers a final chop across
               the throat ...


               And breaks Bobby's neck.

                                   JUDGE (V.O.)
                         Joseph Patrick Shannon, the court
                         finds you guilty of second-degree


               The judge's wooden mallet strikes the anvil.

               A bolt of LIGHTNING shoots across the sky followed by
               crashing THUNDER and heavy rain.

               Bobby falls to the ground and splatters mud and water

               Joey stands with his hand frozen in the chop position.

               EXT. SIDEWALK - PRESENT DAY

               Joey readies to chop the Punk across the throat.

               Mr. Hamilton grabs Joey's hand.

                                   MR. HAMILTON
                         They's only cans, Joey.

                         They are your cans, Mr. Hamilton.

               The Punk breaks away and the two flat-out run off.

               Albert strolls off in the opposite direction.

               Joey bleeds from a cut under his eye, staggers over and YANKS
               Albert by his arm and PUSHES him to Mr. Hamilton.

                         If you want to baby-sit, then baby
                         sit goddamnit!

               STREET CURB

               The cans in the street are smashed flat by passing cars.

               The three sit on the curb.

                         Let's go to the dealership and look
                         at some beautiful red Ferrari's?

                         Yes sir, maybe they will let us
                         take one for a test drive ... you

                                   MR. HAMILTON
                         Joey, Don't be so down on the man.

                         If I could get rid of some of the
                         people in this world, I'd start
                         with this moron.

                         Ferrari's are a skillfully
                         manufactured automobile.

                                   MR. HAMILTON
                         Yes, good car, Albert.

               Joey and Mr. Hamilton put the flatted cans into the DAMAGED
               cart while Albert fills his pockets with them.

               EXT. CAMP SITE - NIGHT

               A dirty, unkempt, makeshift cardboard camp.

               A small fire burns; the three pass the wine bottle and eat
               beans from cans.

               Mr. Hamilton has a paper plate, and his cart is empty.

               Joey works on a small home made trap.

               A train ROARS nearby.

                         This is especially good this
                         evening, Mr., ah, Mr. ...

                                   MR. HAMILTON
                         Mr. Hamilton, Albert.

                         Mr. Hamilton, Albert.

                         Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Hamilton, just
                         plain old Mr. Hamilton, goddamnit.

                         What happen to Albert?

                         You're Albert and you're a stupid
                         moron.  Why in the hell do you put
                         up with his crap?

               Albert lovingly hugs Joey.

               Joey yanks Albert free and knocks him to the ground.  He sets
               up to punch Albert when he hears a dog GROWLING a few bushes

               Joey releases Albert.

               They all listen and walk slowly walk towards the sound.

               Joey looks around some


               and sees a large DOG dragging the body of a female covered in

               The dog growls and moves toward Joey.

               Joey quickly breaks a small branch and shakes it while he
               moves toward the dog.

                         Get the hell out of here, get, get.

               The dog runs off.

               Joey slowly walks to the body, stares for a moment, puts his
               ear to her mouth, covers his other ear.

                         Nothing, dead, she's goddamn dead.

               Joey quickly stands.

                         This isn't any good, not at all, no
                         good for me.

                                   MR. HAMILTON
                         Joey, we got to get the police.

                         We're moving the camp, that's what
                         I'm doing.

               Albert starts making like a SIREN.

                         Arrrrrrrrrr, rrrrrrrr...

                         Shut-up, shut him up before I do,
                         now shut-up.

                         Arrrrrrrrrr, rrrrrrrr, rrrrrr...

                                   MR. HAMILTON
                         Albert ma man, Albert. Shuuuuu,
                         Shuuuuu, Albert.

               Albert calms down.

                                   MR. HAMILTON
                         Joey, the police will understand,
                         we got to help, Joey.

                         No way, I ain't going back, man.

                                   MR. HAMILTON
                         We got to do something.

                         She's probably a burned out hooker. 
                         She's none of our goddamn business.

                         I'll drive her to the hospital.
                         Arrrrrrrr, Areeeeeeeee...

               Mr. Hamilton puts his hand over Albert's mouth.

                                   MR. HAMILTON
                         Albert, Shuuuuuuu, Albert. We can't
                         just do nothing, Joey, come on.

                         Look at me man, I just had 20 years
                         of lock up; they'll throw me back
                         faster than this moron can walk

                         I can help.  Areeeeee, Areeeeeee...


               Runs around like he's driving a car and races off around some
               trees.  His siren starts to fade.

                                   MR. HAMILTON
                         Please Joey. You got to think this

               Mr. Hamilton rushes after Albert.


               bends down to feel her pulse.

               She springs up and grabs him.

               They roll on the ground.

               Joey breaks from her and quickly stands.

                         Help me.

               She goes unconscious again.

                         Mr. Hamilton, Albert, she's alive! 
                         Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Hamilton!

               Joey looks around, no one, total silence.

                         Oh man!  Mr. Hamilton where in the
                         hell are you?  I need some help

               The woman coughs and moans.

                         Please help.

               She passes out.

                         Oh man.

               Joey picks her up and carries her off out into


               Down the

               CENTER OF THE STREET

               To the rear door of a


               He gently sets her down.  He tries the door, locked.

               Joey breaks the glass, the alarm RINGS, Security Guards and a
               Doctor-looking person run down the hallway to the door.

               The woman opens her eyes, and looks at Joey.  Their eyes

               Joey quickly runs off, hides and watches them bring her into
               the Hospital.

               EXT.	CAMP SITE - DAY

               Rats on a stick cook over a small fire.  Mr. Hamilton eats.

                                   MR. HAMILTON
                         I demand's to know what you did
                         with the body last night.

                         This is her, yes sir.

               Joey bursts out with laughter.

               Albert laughs.

               Mr. Hamilton throws his rat at Joey and attacks him.  He
               spits up blood.  Joey helps to settle him down.

                         I'm just kidding.  Can't you take a
                         joke? I told you what I did, end of

               Joey gives his rat to Mr. Hamilton.

                         It's the truth Mr. Hamilton, let's
                         eat, protein, it's good for you.

               Joey hands Albert a fresh rat off the fire then picks up Mr.
               Hamilton's rat, brushes it off and eats it.

                         Nobody cooks these as good as he
                         does, Mr... Mr...

                         Yes sir, you tell'em, Einstein.

                         Yes, you tell'em, Einstein.

               EXT. STREET BY THE BAY - DAY

               Mr. Hamilton pulls his damaged cart.

               Albert walks off in a different direction.

               Joey gently takes Albert's arm as they pass a newspaper

               Mr. Hamilton notices the


                                   "MISSING WOMAN SAVED"
                         Woman left at the back door..."

               Mr. Hamilton and Joey look at each other, smile...

               THE HOTTEST

               Goddamn red Ferrari RIPS by as Albert jumps up and down.  He
               laughs, imitates the sound of the Ferrari.

               Albert runs off after the Ferrari.

               Joey catches him, with the help of a bus stop bench, and puts
               him in the cart.

                         Ladies and gentlemen, start your

               Albert pretends he's steering and makes the sounds of a race
               car, shifting gears and peeling out.

               Joey pushes the cart in circles around the bus stop bench.

               Mr. Hamilton laughs between coughs.

               Joey laughs with Albert.


               Drives by, the rear window rolls down and ROBERT, in a sharp
               three piece suite looks hard at them.  The limousine flips a
               U-turn and stops.

               Joey pushes faster and faster, Albert laughs, still making
               race car noises.

               The front tires on the cart hit the grass, the cart flips
               over crashing Albert and Joey to the ground showering them
               with aluminum cans.

               They all laugh as Mr. Hamilton staggers over to them.

               The limousine's rear door opens; Robert runs to Albert, helps
               him up.

                         What the hell is this? Mr.
                         Trousdale? Everyone's been looking
                         for you sir, family's worried sick. 
                         Come now, it's time to go home.

               Robert takes out his wallet and pulls out five ones.

                                   MR. HAMILTON
                         Sir, we do not take handouts, we's
                         not beggars.

               Joey snatches up the money.

                         Speak for yourself.

               Robert walks Albert to the limousine.

                         We were looking for my car.

                         Were did you get those dreadful
                         clothes, sir?

               Robert and Albert get in the limousine.

                         Excuse me, sir. Does he own a car?

                         He owns twenty-eight Ferrari's.

                                   MR. HAMILTON
                         Twenty-eight you say...

                         What color sir?


                         I like red.

               The limousine drives off.

               Albert looks out the back window and pretends he's driving
               the car and mouthing the sounds, laughing.


                                   MR. HAMILTON
                         Yeah... Damn.

               Joey and Mr. Hamilton continue to walk, sharing a bottle of

               Mr. Hamilton's cough worsens.

               Joey takes the cart.

                         Now you don't be coughing all over
                         that there bottle, Mr. Hamilton.

                                   MR. HAMILTON
                         This is fine wine for the price. 
                         As you know, when I was at Enron, I
                         drank the finest Pinot Noir.

               MR. HAMILTON

               Hands the bottle to Joey.

               Coughs and drops back unnoticed.

                         Yes sir, I know you did Mr.
                         Hamilton, I surely know that.

               A hand covers Mr. Hamilton's mouth.

               It's the same two Punks.

               They pull him into the thick bushes.

               Mr. Hamilton fights for every breath as blood spurts through
               the punk's fingers.

               THE PUNKS

               Look at the blood on their hands, they see Joey walk back.

               They throw Mr. Hamilton to the ground, kick him and run.

               Mr. Hamilton spits blood and chunks of his intestines.

               Joey hears Mr. Hamilton in the bushes and charges through.

                         Oh man, Mr. Hamilton, what the hell
                         are you doing back in here?

               Mr. Hamilton coughs so bad he can't catch his breath.

                                   MR. HAMILTON
                         Your absolutely right, there are
                         some people we don't need in this

                         Yes sir... That's what a judge said
                         about me.

               They laugh.

                                   MR. HAMILTON
                         Twenty-eight Ferrari's.

               More joyous laughter.

               Mr. Hamilton CHOKES and dies.

                         Yes sir... all red.

               Joey lays Mr. Hamilton out on the grass by the street and
               cleans him the best he can.

                         You're a good man Mr. Hamilton, I'm
                         proud to call you my friend.

               Joey stands and bows to Mr. Hamilton, takes the cart and
               struts off, abruptly stops, turns.

                         I'll take real good care of it, yes

               Joey slowly walks off with the cart.

               EXT. HOSPITAL - DAY

               The doors open as a nurse pushes the raped woman in a

               Her two small children run to her and smother her with hugs
               and kisses.

               Joey sees the woman in the wheelchair and recognizes her.

               THE WOMAN

               Gives Joey a passing look.


               Watches her as the kids laugh and jump for joy.

               The nurse pushes her to the car.

               Her husband opens the car door.

               Joey turns, walks off.

               She turns and stares at Joey, smiles.

               Joey turns and gets eye contact with her, smiles.

               The woman and her family drive off.

               EXT.  STREET - LATER

               AN AMBULANCE

               Picks up Mr. Hamilton.


               walks to a garbage container, smiling from ear to ear, as a

               POLICE CAR

               stops for the light, with the same two Punks in the back

               Joey pulls out some nice fresh aluminum cans.

                         Nice shopping cart.  What model is

                         I don't know.  It belonged to a

               BRAD, 60, badly need of make-over, picks up empty cans from
               the gutter, and tosses them into--what is now--Joey's cart. 

               Joey with the cart, and Brad walk down the street.  

                         Do shopping carts have models?

                         Good question.

                                                       FADE OUT.