Screenplays, scripts available:

1. TORMENTED: Horror/Action Thriller, 98 pages.
The younger brother of a devoted small town sheriff is dying of a rare blood disease. On the outside the sheriff is there to "Protect and Serve." On the inside, this psycho sheriff abducts a young couple on their honeymoon. The groom must save his bride before she becomes the next victim of this sadistic killer who desperately needs her blood.

2. TWISTED VIEW: Horror Thriller, 95 pages.
A gorgeous TV star and her detective fiancee must find and destroy the Voodoo doll that is ruining her life.

3. FAMILY FEARS: Martial arts drama: 110 pages.
A young woman, under the influence of drugs, is shot and killed by the police on live TV as her horrified mother watches. The father embarks on a relentless struggle to track down the drug dealer, putting the lives of the rest of his family in danger.

4. COLOR OF DECEIT: Courtroom drama: 101 pages.
A young black attorney is framed for the killings of several Asian store owners. But the real killer is a racist white cop, disguised as a black man, who plots to create total chaos in the African American and Asian community.

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5. MIDNIGHT STORM: Action Thriller. 14 pages
Passed his prime he's offered the chance to interview a street prostitute. During the interview the prostitute is shot and killed and she turns out to be an undercover police officer. In fear of going back to prison he must decide what to do with the body.    

6. THE DRIFT: Drama. 14 pages
Three down and outs in their sixties. One has wealth; but doesn't realize it; the others just need enough to survive. They stumble across the bloodied body of a female and must make a decision of what to do while they protect their shopping cart full of aluminum cans.

7. TWO FACES: Drama. 7 pages
Deception prevails when a young man talks about a killing he committed.


8. BLACK SMOKE: Horror comedy, 2 pages (over the top anti smoking commercial.)
He will go to any length to quit an addictive habit even a bungled suicide.

9. HOUSE CALLS: Drama, 2 pages. (Real estate sales/home security systems commercial)
Swat team bashes the front door and lobs in smoke grenades, oops wrong house.

10. DAY AT THE OFFICE: Action comedy, 2 pages. (Furniture/attorney commercial)
Your insurance is canceled, your driver's license just expired; your third wife filed for divorce! You need a hotshot attorney but do you need this one?

11. BARREL OF DECEPTION: Drama, 2 pages. (Gun safety commercial.)
A father brags to his 4-year-old how good he is at shooting guns.

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