Some people just have the natural instinct for the motion picture business...
They choose the right script, the right cast, the right crew and make lots of
money... This could be you! That's the bottom line...


Linda--she's beautiful--decides to purchase some real estate in the Santa Cruz mountains; she and her real estate agent stumble across a drug manufacturing ring. The gutless real estate agent is murdered. She's tracked down; she's captured and she escapes. Finally they push her too far and she dons these double-bladed axes and 8 inch long nails... Slice by slice she cleans her mountain of drug dealers.

Written, Produced and Directed

Starring: Debra Sweaney, Sean Donahue, Brian Oldfield, Jerry Johnson, Paul Henri, Roger Arildson, Mike Donahue

Director of Photography: Mike Pierce

Edited by: Patrick Donahue

  Music By: Emilio Kauderer

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